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I don’t know what date nights normally look like for you and your spouse..but for us they typically happen about every other week. When my husband comes home on the weekend he just wants to stay home, which is understandable because he was working all week! While myself on the other hand have been working from home all week and would love nothing more than to get out of the house. Anyone else with me? Normally we’ll venture out about every other week on a Friday night.

This Friday night was one of those that I had talked Dallin into going out and he decided to pick and surprise me with the place. .

Of all the places Dallin picked…This was by far the best option he could’ve chosen for the night.🙌

Tonights Date night was brought to you by Fire and Brimstone.


Fire and Brimstone is located in the heart of Gilbert right by Joe’s Farm Grill and Agritopia. A cozy restaurant that is nestled right inside BarnOne.

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Hours of Operation:
11 am – 9 pm

What Type of Food Do they Serve?
Fire and Brimstone serves a variety of Appetizers, Salads, Sandwiches and of course the signature items on the menu..Pizza! They also have some special Dessert menu Items that are worth sharing with “that special someone”.


How do you order your food?
This is a walk up and order at the counter style Eatery. Once you order they will bring your food to your table. They do not take reservations or  Take out orders. There’s also no drive through.. So plan to come during a less busy time or be ready to wait just a little bit.

When is the best time to go?
Weekends tend to be a bit more crowded, so I would recommend coming during the weekdays or if you’re coming on a weekend during that lull between lunch and dinner.

What’s good here?
Well everything! …So far I have only tried a few of their pizzas, but we loved them. We got the Fire and Brimstone Pizza (Splurge that extra Dollar and get the Egg on top. It makes the pizza!) and a specialty pizza that was a weekend special called the vampire slayer. I loved their Cookie dessert Skillet. I have also heard great things about their Hummus. The Pita and Hummus from their appetizer are up next on my list to try from here.


The Menu: Special Menu Items or Secret Menu?
They don’t have a secret menu that I know of, however they do have weekend specials and different specialty pizzas that change from week to week. Ask their friendly waitresses what the weekly specialty pizza is when ordering.

The Menu: How is the Selection? (Click here for their Menu)
While the Menu is shorter than some places. I do not think you will you’ll be lacking for options. You can choose a pizza from the menu or customize your pizza by adding or taking away items (might include a small up-charge).

They also offer Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian options. These are clearly listed on their menu for convenience.

Kid Friendly? Yes or No
Since this atmosphere is a little bit more relaxed and located right next to a bar, I probably wouldn’t bring my little ones. (I don’t have any yet..but if I did I wouldn’t) They also do not have a kid menu. This Eatery caters more to adults who need a night out away from the call your sitter and get on over here!

When we went, there was a couple that brought their 3 year old with them. She was a very well behaved little that stayed in her seat. If you know your kids aren’t going to run around I think you’d be safe to bring them.

Cost? How much Should I expect to spend per person?
Plan on this date night will be a little bit more expensive than most…especially if you’re a foodie like me! (my poor husband) Each item on the menu ranges in price from $8-12 Dollars.

Unless you want a water cup you will find yourself purchasing drinks too. They also have a BYOB drink policy. Since Fire and Brimstone has 12 West Brewery right next store they let you bring your own Alcoholic drinks for no extra charge. Since my husband and I don’t drink Alcohol we just went for the glass bottle Soda and water drinks all the way!

If you end up ordering Dessert I would purchase that after you have eaten your pizza and those are $6.


Seating and Atmosphere?
Since this is basically a bar the inside is a little more dimly lit. There is limited seating inside with some bigger community style table seating that makes it feel like Mom’s kitchen. If you go to the outside patio, you will find more tables as well as the some cute lighting when it gets dark.
If you are planning to go with a large group I recommend getting there before the dinner rush to save a table for your party if you are wanting to sit inside. Tables fill up quickly!

How was the Service and cleanliness?
The Service was great! I had to make my order complicated because we ordered a dessert, but wanted it brought out a little while after we had eaten our pizza. They might have forgotten about it. Once we reminded them about it they were quick to bring it to us. Once they bring the food to your table there is no need for them to come around and check your drinks or anything since it is self seating. The staff was really friendly and we will definitely go back!

The Restaurant as a whole was very clean and well kept. No worries or complaints here!



Overall Food taste and Experience Rating: 3.5
1=not likely 2=probably 3=Definitely 4=YASSSSSS everyday if Dallin and my budget would let me

Rating Explanation: I loved the food and had a great experience here. We did come during the middle of the summer and had to sit outside, but there were misters so it was cool. 😉



Overall Cost Rating: 1.5
(For my Money conscious friends.. This rating has no reflection on the taste of the food)
1=Expensive for not a lot of food 2=average price, normal portions 3=Very Reasonable Good portions 4=Even a college student could eat here

Rating Explanation: Be prepared to pay a premium for this posh atmosphere and hip food. (Which I loved By The way!)



Kid Friendly Rating: 1
1=not a place I’d bring my littles 2=kid options, but not a kid favorite 3=yes! For Sure 4=you betcha! They even have a play structure!
Rating Explanation: The vibe I got from this place is more of the adult side of BarnOne and Agritopia. It would be best to get a babysitter if you plan on coming here. If you want a more family friendly Eatery for all ages go check out Joe’s Farm Grill.

Until Next time Fire and Brimstone.



  • Michelle Kleinman
    July 22, 2017 at 12:40 am

    Very thorough review. You answered questions I didn’t even know I had. Great job. Can’t wait to try it!