Meet Becca


Hey Foodie Friends!

Becca Here!

I am a born and raised native of Arizona. While I was growing up my family moved a few times to Washington State and Oregon, but I was too little to remember. It’s safe to say i’m an Arizona girl through and through! As you can see my love for food Started at a very young age.
This is me at age three… would you look at those curls!! One of my favorite foods has always been Ice-cream! I always tell my husband that there is always room for Ice-Cream after a meal!



I attended College Idaho At Brigham Young University Idaho where I got my degree in Dance. Other opportunities that I’ve had are working at Disney World and Serving a mission for my Church in Mississippi and Louisiana. (I’m Pretty sure that’s where I learned to cook and came to love food Even more!)
When I lived in the South I loved that Food Meant so much more than just eating, it meant friendship, community and conversation. It meant that you really wanted to spend time with someone. We would always Joke that “Food is Love” or in other words, If you wanted to show someone you loved them you would invite them over for a meal or Cook for them! This kind of love for food and Friends has been instilled in me and is part of the reason I love going and trying new places with old friends and New friends.

After all of those adventures and moving back home to Arizona I met my Husband Dallin! We met at Church in November of 2015 and Got married in November of 2016! (One year to the day!) We have been happily Married for almost two years and are looking forward to many more! Dallin is always encouraging me to post all of my food pictures and if you look closely you will see his shirt in most of my photos! haha!


Fun Fish Fact, I teach Violin too! Becca Eats is not my full time “Job” though I would personally love for it to be! (My waist line on the other hand disagrees!)
I Teach Violin out of my own private Violin Studio. This is so much fun for me and I love teaching and helping my students learn and grow!


My Husband and I currently Live in Queen Creek, Arizona and love everything about the area! My Goal is to find the Best Deals and Food around Arizona and Beyond! I am also on the hunt for fun Date night ideas for couples that beautiful fun Arizona has to offer! If you have any ideas of places to eat of fun places to go Let me know!!

….and That about sums up Me!





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