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What is ‘Becca Eat’s”?

Becca Eats is a Restaurant Food Blog. I review Restaurants all over Arizona and sometimes travel destinations! I constantly get asked from friends for recommendations to the best places to eat. In response to my friends questions they would get massively lengthy text messages. I decided to turn those lengthy messages into blog posts!

On my site you’ll find…
1. Delicious Food Finds from around the Valley + Beyond that you HAAVE to try!
2. Life Hacks and Tips that I’m Loving right now.
3. Husband approved date nights.

Are you ready for this? 

Do you take all your own Pictures?

The Food Pictures you see on my website are taken by myself. On my Instagram account I will sometimes re-share photos I think you guys will like!

What kind of Camera do you use?

All of my photos are shot with an I-phone. I try to use as much natural light as possible to showcase the colors and artistry of the food. Lightroom or ColorStory are my choice for photo editing software.

Do you eat all of the food you photograph?

Yes definitely! I only post pictures of food I have eaten. This way I can give you the best reviews possible.

How do you decide where to go eat?

This has to be my favorite part of Becca Eats. I searching for new restaurants to eat at. My favorite places to find new restaurants are Instagram, Google Maps and referrals and suggestions from friends and readers!! If you find a new place that just needs to be shared shoot me an email!

How often do you go out to eat?

This varies. No more than once or twice a week. Eating out is a guilty pleasure of mine and I love good food and trying new restaurants.

My Husband and I love to do Friday night date nights. Our goal is to find a new place every week. We’re on the hunt to find the best Date night places in the Valley.

What is your favorite Restaurant?

I don’t know that I have just one favorite. With the variety of food types it is difficult to pick just one. My all time favorite type of food would have to be Sushi and sweets…like cupcakes! 🙂

I am a Restaurant owner or marketer, how do I get in touch with you to work with you?

Feel free to shoot me an email or contact me through my work with me page. I love making new friends and would love to meet you and see how I can help!

How do you stay fit?

I hit the gym as much my schedule will allow and try to eat healthy. I use the App. My fitness Pal to track my eating to make sure I’m not going overboard. It is tempting to get sweets everywhere I go. Nine times out of Ten Restaurants have a healthier menu option. If you believe in Cheat days and To-Go boxes we can be friends. 😉

What does your husband think about your eating out habits?

My Husband, Dallin is super supportive and comes with me to most of the restaurants I post. Dallin is a great food photographer. If you look closely you will see him in most of my photos.

I have a Restaurant I want to share with you. How can I get in touch with you?

I love hearing new Ideas and places to go try. You can contact me through my Contact me Page or my Instagram @Beccaeats . I would love to hear from you!

Where Can I find you on Social Media?

You can find me on Facebook or my favorite Instagram.


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