Hey There Fellow Foodies!

Restaurant Table

Hey Guys! Its our First Blog Post ever!

and Check it out… We finally have a website!

I am beyond excited to have a space to share more about all of the Fun places I find to eat around Arizona and THE WORLD.

Daily many people ask my opinion of GOOD PLACES TO EAT. Wether you are going on a Date, hanging out and socializing with friends, or even to thinking of  Popping the question. I hope you find the perfect place to go eat for any occasion and MORE!

How did Becca Eats start?

Ever since I can remember I have been taking photos of my food. You could say I was a “Closet Foodie” of sorts. My husband would always roll his eyes when we would go out to Restaurants and I would make us take a thousand pictures of food. Two things…

First… Instagram Husbands are a real thing. (those poor husbands, mine included.)

Second…I will admit most of my best pictures are taken by my him!

Over time I have been posting more and more and have decided to come out and make this thing official! 🙂

You Can learn a little Bit more about me here.

Thanks for Reading!

XO Becca


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